Casa Maria Mission Statement

Casa Maria’s mission, as part of the lay catholic worker movement founded in 1930 in New York City by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin, is to practice daily the love and compassion of Jesus and to implement the teachings of his Gospel and the social doctrine of our church. The Sermon on the Mount and the call to solidarity with the poor are the heart of these teachings.

At Casa Maria, our Catholic Workers are devoted to acts of mercy (feeding and clothing those in need, visiting the ill, etc), voluntary poverty, pacifism, and the search of justice for the poor. In each action, they use their faith and try to revive the faith in those who have lost it, making them understand that Christ has never left their lives.   

As a part of our mission, we seek new and creative ways to organize and let the talent of each one of our volunteer Catholic Workers be destined to achieve spiritual and economical transformation of our community.

“We work for liberty, social justice, and peace"


The Works of Mercy

  1. Serving meals to the hungry
  2. Making and giving clothes to those in need
  3. Giving shelter to stranger and homeless
  4. Giving drink to the thirsty
  5. Visiting the prisoners in jail
  6. Giving Christian burial to the dead
  7. Visiting and nursing the sick

The Works of Peace and Justice

+   Live simply and justly in solidarity with the poor and marginalized and be a good  neighbor. Make no war on them, rather, be one with them in spirit, truth, and love. 

+   Hear the truth when it is spoken to you. Discern the signs of the times. Be power,
with the people, and in the Church. 

+  Make injustice visible -- witness, remember, teach, proclaim, and tell. 

+  Protect the poor and powerless-- listen, learn, educate, organize, empower participation, and respect life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death. 

+  Work for reconciliation with truth, evangelism, catechesis, and orthopraxis. 

+  Celebrate life, goodness, beauty, virtue, responsibility, and joy. Practice peace, non-violence, servant leadership, harmony, community, voluntary cooperation, and the proper stewardship of God's creation. Pray
without ceasing. 

+ Ensure fair distribution, subsidiarity, economic opportunity, justice, and food security for everyone everywhere.