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Yo’ Daily Star, What’s your beef with H.T. and TUSD?

3 min read by Cesar Aguirre As I looked at today’s headlines I could not help but feel somewhat discouraged and deflated, which was the total opposite of how I felt last night. Yesterday I spent my day at the Strategic Planning Session, an all-day discussion to begin the planning of the future of TUSD. Afterwards I felt full of hope and optimism because for the first time I felt that the broader Tucson Community was finally being asked to be part of the rebuilding of the district. This morning’s headline on the front page of the Arizona Daily Star read, “Ground is

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The families that Casa Maria serves can’t afford a private Catholic education!

< 1 min read by Jimmy Ojeda, At Casa Maria we have been working with parents, teachers, students and community members in support of a quality education for all our children. We have played a significant role in keeping the schools in our barrio open. There is nothing more important than quality public education in regards to liberation of barrio families mired in poverty. Dr. Andrea Romero, Ph.D., Associate Professor Academic Program of Family Studies and Human Development Mexican American Studies & Research Center has worked extensively in our barrio in recent years. She has played an integral role in the struggle for quality

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