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To the naked eye, this place looks pretty functional and effective. Lots of gente are served daily (500 bag lunches and as many as 200 family food bags). The corporal works of mercy part of Casa Maria is operative.

The other part of a Catholic Worker life is to practice daily the spiritual works of mercy, which is where doing justice comes in.

Maybe we can say that we have been creative and unique, even a little bit effective in our living out the Catholic Worker tradition here in Tucson since 1981. I’ve been here since ’83

But today, February 16, 2016 I admit to feeling abandoned as three of the main people with whom I have conspired and gone to battle with in recent years have left. With one person it just wasn’t the right fit and he moved on. Two others, valued comrades, have just left.

I’m not angry with any of them. They all served valiantly. Things happen in peoples’ lives and they just got to go, they just gotta make changes. More than anything I feel sad that this place,  this oñda, didn’t work for them for a longer time.

And I don’t know how correct it is, but I feel guilty as to whatever my part has been in good, righteous people leaving.

Today is my 61st birthday and I feel like I have not been able to use all the blessings bestowed on me and Casa Maria by the Creator to create community and Revolution.

But tomorrow I’m gonna pick myself up off the floor and proclaim all the positive things being done here by relative newcomers Alicia, Tommie, and Kassandra! Stay tuned.

Peace and love and thanks to all who have moved Casa Maria forward.

el viejo Brian Flagg


Aqui en Casa María la Vida diaria parece exitosa. Mucha gente, muchas familias son ayudadas.
Somos una parte del movimiento nacional Catholic  Wokers. Nuestra tradición es practicar diariamente las obras de caridad y de justicia.
Practicar la justicia es más fácil que practicar la caridad: y mucho más ahora que tres personas muy revolucionarias han dejado Casa María.
Me siento abandonado, pero no estoy enojado con ninguno de ellos. Ellos sirvieron con valentía. Cosas pasan y tuvieron que irse, hacer cambios en sus vidas. Me siento triste y culpable de que buenas personas se hayan ido.
Hoy cumplo 61 años, Casa María y yo hemos recibido muchas bendiciones y no las he usado todas.
Pero mañana me voy a levantar y a proclamar las cosas positivas que están hechas aqui por los nuevos trabajadores como Alicia, Tommie y Kassandra.
Paz y Amor,
el viejo Brian Flagg


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