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Dear friends of Casa Maria,

Thanks for all your past and current support. Several hundred people, including many families, still come here every morning for life-sustaining food. The soup we make is especially famous on the street.

We continue to struggle to defend our barrio, aka The City of South Tucson aka Barrio Libre. Gentrification has morphed into the local and national Housing Crisis. Investors are snapping up every available property turning them into rentals and raising the rents big-time. This is creating massive uncertainty, desperation and suffering for many families already on the brink of being displaced. A house 3 blocks to the west of us was heavily fixed up and just sold for $340,000.

Check us out on our social media platforms for more details on what we have done and what we plan to do to resist this massive immoral assault on something as basic as the human right to housing that people can afford.

Many say that gentrification and social injustice are inevitable. But that is not the thinking of an authentic disciple of Jesus. Even though often times it feels like David against Goliath, we here at Casa Maria need to intensify our resistance, even though it may make us less popular and make our lives less comfortable and less secure.

Please pray for strength and wisdom for us, our barrio and those we serve every day. A blessed Advent and righteous Christmas season to all,

Brian Flagg for Casa Maria

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Fighting for Justice, Liberty, & Peace in Barrio Libre