George Miller – Rest in Peace

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by Brian Flagg,

Former Mayor George Miller died Christmas morning. He was 92.

He was proof that you could be a politician and still be a good person.

He spent 14 years as a city councilman and eight years as mayor. He retired in 1999.

He was a pro-business Mayor and was buddies with many important business leaders. But he always stuck up for poor people, including and especially the homeless.

It became his legacy, something he became known for, and it never hurt him politically.

He was always a pleasure to deal with. He was never pretentious. You would go tell him the problem, he would analyze it with you and then figure out with you who would be the 4 votes on the council. He really knew how to get 4 votes. And he would never sell us out.

Even after he retired he was always available for counsel. He and Roz always donated to Casa Maria and would tell friends and family to not give him gifts or honors and instead donate to Casa Maria.

Another reason he was always great to deal with was that it wasn’t just him, you were dealing with him and Roz, and she too is always spot on when it comes to understanding and fighting with and for poor people.

I feel like I have lost a very good friend and a respected comrade.

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