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The Sun Tran bureaucrats plan to issue a report to the Mayor and Council on May 6th that says that proposed service cuts to 12 of the Sun Tran fixed routes will not have a “disparate impact” on low income and minority riders.

To make matters worse, the majority of the services being cut are on the South and West sides.

Their own numbers tell the story.

For all the fixed routes (not the express routes) the ridership is 62% minority and 68% low income. How much higher would these numbers be for ridership in Wards 1 and 5, the Westside and the Southside?

All bus systems in the U.S. are heavily funded by the Federal government.

So the feds, as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have a thing called Title VI, so that backwater racist places such as Alabama, Mississippi and Arizona can’t receive federal dollars and then make fare and service cuts that discriminate.

Our City of Tucson transit bureaucrats plan to make their Title VI presentation to the Council on May 6th.

If they vote for this type of discrimination, surely they will be sued.

How stupid do they think we, the public, are?

How stupid do they think the Mayor and Council are?

Come to the Council meeting with the Bus Riders Union on May 6th.

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