International Women’s Day Honors You! Special Awards:

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Collage 2015-03-25 13_29_42-1 By: Gilberto Contreras

Las Mujeres de Casa Maria! Today we are honoring Laura Alameda, Amalia Tovar, Mari Fuentes, Gaby Dominguez, Rosa Diaz, and Luz Acosta. These six wonderful women are the backbone of Casa Maria Soup Kitchen. Thanks to them hundreds of families are given warm meals every day. We recognize the incredible teamwork and dedication that these women demonstrate. With their own individual stories they each bring a unique light, strength and passion for service. Come help Laura, Amalia, Mari, Gaby, Rosa, and Luz make delicious food and share it with our community. Casa Maria needs volunteers and your donations, it is located at 401 E. 26th Street. Thanks to this great group of women, Casa Maria fulfills its mission to “work for liberty, social justice & peace.”

I’ve been frequenting the women mentioned above at the soup kitchen for about two years now. Ever since I met them, I knew they were amazing. The hard work and dedication these women have to serve the frequent families, is magnificent. The women were honored by an organization about international women’s day, but i feel these women deserve more than a recognition once a year.

It’s been about 2 months now that I’ve been working at Casa Maria and there is no one that works harder than these beautiful group of women. Recently I was told that I work as hard as a Mexicana, and i took that as flattery. It might seem odd that i took that as a compliment, but for me there really is not anyone that works harder than the women of Casa Maria.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with such beautiful people day in and day out. It’s a blessing to be able to laugh and speak with all the women that are dedicated to Casa Maria.

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