20150322_174142by Cesar (Big Cesar) Aguirre

My usual weekend, going to Tucson from Ajo and helping out at Casa Maria when I can. This past weekend my son unexpectedly asked me to join him for a book study gathering at Brian’s. I was hesitant to go but I did anyway (my best move of the day). I found myself among some of the people I had met at Casa Maria last winter while volunteering in the soup kitchen. The topic was a book titled ¡Hugo! As I listened in (keep in mind I had never read the book or heard of the man Hugo Chavez) I found myself so moved and intrigued, not only by the information, but by the comradery of the group itself.

As I sat and listened, they shared different interpretations of what they had learned, what they found interesting and how it relates to the work at Casa Maria, debating in a manner that is unexplainable to me.  They calmly discussed each chapter and event, analyzing the outcomes. I awoke that night, not from a sleep, but into a realization that I haven’t read a book in thirty plus years. It was a teaching I lost many, many years ago.

That evening gave me something to think about. Where in the @#$% did my time go and when did I lose the teachings of my heritage? This inspired me to not lose any more time and begin reading again.

Thank You!

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