OUR GOVERNOR IS AN ARROGANT MAN- and he has a lot of nerve

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OUR GOVERNOR IS AN ARROGANT MAN- and he has a lot of nerve

By Brian Flagg,

This week he went to an elementary school in Phoenix, and talked about the importance of early childhood development and all day kindergarten and then, with a straight face, says there is no money for these things.

Same thing with funding for higher education.

At the Board of Regents meeting yesterday he said that he would work with the regents to create “a sustainable long-term business plan that addresses the needs of students and the business community that depends on their success.”

But he also said he would do nothing to restore the $99 million he and the Legislature cut in University funding last month, that on top of funding reductions in prior years.

This guy and his Republican buddies in the Legislature are hell bent on the destruction of public education.

Make no mistake, the money is available. This isn’t Bangladesh or Somalia. The governor and his buddies gave it away to mostly rich people thru seemingly endless tax cuts and the prison-industrial complex.

We the people need to stand up, organize, and fight back.

Now is the time.

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