our team

As a part of our mission, we seek new and creative ways to organize and let the talent of each one of our volunteer Catholic Workers be destined to achieve spiritual and economical transformation of our community.

“We work for liberty, social justice, and peace”

Roxy Valenzuela

Hi, my name is Roxy Valenzuela, and I’m honored to work at Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community. I am dedicated to defending our great neighborhood from the injustices brought on by opportunists who take advantage of our vulnerabilities!

My family and I are first generation Americans. I was born in Tucson, AZ and lived in Nogales, Sonora until my parents received their residency in 1989. My parents brought my 3 siblings and me here to offer us a better life and more opportunities to be successful. For the past 30 years my family has lived in South Park Tucson and we are not leaving any time soon.

I am the proud mother of Chelsea, an 11 year-old ballerina and folklorico dancer who attends Dancing in the Streets and Roskruge Bilingual School.

For over 3 years I owned a small business in South Tucson (Glamour Hair Salon). Since 2009, I managed teams in the wellness industry; I’m energetic and highly motivated, and have a background in team building, management, personal development, marketing and sales. I’m currently pursuing my degree in Social Work.

My goal is to protect South Tucson from financial predators who try to exploit our vulnerable neighbors. It is my priority to make sure my daughter has the same or better, not less, resources to grow up in a good environment, just like I did.

I remember when our community was being helped by programs that would promote affordable housing, such as Habitat for Humanity. Now what you see are wealthy developers flipping houses and demanding overpriced rents. Most of our unprivileged neighbors live under the poverty level and they are the first to be displaced.

Together, we must work on bringing affordable housing back to our residents, demand more money for our schools, bring better paying jobs, and develop local businesses! If we keep rents and taxes low and demand our city to invest in our people, not the wealthy few, we will have a much better shot at having a higher quality of life in the neighborhood that belongs to US!

I want to get to know each and every one of you, my neighbors. Please reach out to me if you would like to share your story. Who knows, I might be able to help you!


Glenda Avalos

My name is Glenda Avalos, I was born In Guatemala in 1980 my family and I relocated to the U.S.A shortly after in 1981. I have been blessed to call Daniel my husband for the past 19 years, together we have three children Daniella 18 yrs, Angel 15 yrs and Alondra 10 yrs old.

For the past 15 years I have served the South Tucson community, through youth prevention ministry within the nonprofit sector. The City of South Tucson and it’s Community is very dear to me, with so much potential. If only it had the proper resources that would levalout the playing field with the surrounding communities. Which would decrease the numerous social injustice that occur within the city limits.

This ignites my passion to encouraging all to obtain a brighter future, breaking any social categorization and stereotypes through faith and educational empowerment. I am motivated by the love of Christ and his compassion, I aim to share the Gospel of Jesus through action, Casa Maria Soup Kitchen enables my passion to become a reality through it’s mission, works of mercy, peace and justice.

Brian Flagg

Brian Flagg was born and raised in Whittier, California. 

He Graduated from Cantwell High School in Montebello and has a degree in sociology from Biola College in La Mirada, CA.

He lived and worked at Sacramento Catholic Worker from 1981 to 1983 and has lived and worked at Casa Maria since March of 1983.

Cesar Aguirre

Cesar Aguirre, a single father of two teenage girls, was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He lived and worked at Casa Maria, daily practicing the works of mercy and of justice, for over 7 years. He’s carried these principles into his daily life and practices them by staying engaged in the community. Cesar also shares his testimony of struggle, addiction and poverty through his hip hop music with the hope of reaching the hearts and souls of the people.

Tanya Núñez

Tanya Núñez (she/her) is a filmmaker, multimedia artist, and cultural worker residing in Tucson, Arizona.

She were born in the border town of Douglas, Arizona to Mexican immigrants and was raised between Douglas and the neighboring Mexican town of Agua Prieta, Sonora. 

She moved to Tucson in 2012, and received a BFA in Film & Television from the University of Arizona. She’s passionate about filmmaking because of its powerful ability to tell profound and intimate stories about marginalized and working-class communities. 

She is inspired to use video and other creative outlets to uplift and empower the voices of South Tucson. She believes art is a means to envisioning a better and more just world for future generations, and that media plays an important role in raising awareness and sharing new ideas. She hopes through art and cultural work she can help build and preserve the community of South Tucson and cultivate revolutionary change and spiritual healing.