Remembering Archbishop Oscar A. Romero

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by Anita Timpani Bubany

Anita - El Sal

“Let my blood be a seed of freedom.” -Romero

Monday, March 24th marks the 34th Anniversary of the death of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero. As Catholics and workers for justice – we should be mindful of those that have walked before us who worked to bring the kingdom of God here on earth. What we can accomplish in our lifetime is only a piece of building the kingdom of God. But when our pieces are combined with others visions and we work together to fight against the injustices – we are that much stronger. And when we water the seeds already planted of those who have walked before us – we realize that we are that much closer to achieving God’s vision of love, peace, and justice.

I had the opportunity to learn more about Archbishop Romero’s life, work, and death, the Salvadoran people, and the role of the Church during the civil war in El Salvador while I studied at a Jesuit university. I was also fortunate to travel twice to El Salvador and spend time with people who lived and worked with Romero himself. I am reminded by Romero’s life of the importance of both action and contemplation. How are your actions rooted in contemplation and spiritual power?

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The Martyrs Project created a video to honor the legacy of Archbishop Oscar A. Romero compiling transcribed works to prayers written by Romero. See video links below! Enjoy! -Anita Timpani Bubany

English Version:

Spanish Version:

For those that are interested the lyrics in English/Spanish and the guitar cord sheet can be found here:



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