Much thanks to all the bus riders and their supporters, Fr. David Guzman O.C.D. and the Guadalupanas from Santa Cruz Church, and Mi Familia Vota.

The Rosary out in front of the Ronstadt Transit Center was beautiful. The sight of the City Hall first floor conference room filled to capacity with bus riders sharing their stories of bus strike struggle with Mayor Rothschild and City Manager Miguel Ortega was also a sight to behold. Thanks to them for listening.

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After listening to numerous stories of bus rider hardship, City Manager Miguel Ortega put aside his prepared remark, which he said contained a bunch of facts and figures. Instead he directly addressed the crowd, expressing his frustration and declaring that he would steadfastly hammer the management  company to the negotiating table.


It  was greatly appreciated, but we know that these are only words. The words have to be turned into action.

The Tucson Bus Riders Union is not going to stand around and wait for politicians and bureaucrats to make this a reality!

After the Mayor and City Manager dashed out of the room we, the bus riders and their supporters, did not leave the conference room. We stayed and discussed next steps.

There was consensus that it is time for DIRECT ACTION. Time for us to consider putting our bodies on the line for a just settlement of the strike.

So we scheduled an emergency TBRU meeting to discuss this.

Wednesday, August 26th at 4p.m. at the Armory Park Senior Center.

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