The CANARY in the COAL Mine (with thanks to Tony Davis)

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by Brian Flagg,

Is this the most important story the Arizona Daily Star has published in recent years? (As wells dry up on the outskirts, hauling water becomes norm, by Tony Davis, 10/26/14)

Could it be that Tony Davis is a prophet and at least in this one case The Star allowed him to write the truth about the lack of water in our beautiful but ever more populated Sonoran desert?

Tony explained that “Wells are drying up all around the fringes of Tucson – the Tortolita foothills on the north, the Santa Rita Mountain foothills on the south, the Tanque Verde Valley to the east, parts of the Tucson Mountain foothills on the west. These areas have been magnets to nature-lovers. They offer mountain views, lush desert, mesquite bosques and plenty of wildlife.”

“Arizona water officials say these drying wells could be the first sign of trouble for the entire region. “It’s sort of like the canary in the coal mine,” says Frank Corkhill, the Arizona Department of Water Resources’ chief hydrologist. “People in the periphery, on the margins of a basin, where the aquifer is not highly productive to start with, are often the ones first affected by the drought.”

And when we run out of water, who do you think will have what’s left of it, the poor people?

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