The Holy Father Confronts Arms Dealers on Easter. What would he think of Tucson?

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By Brian Flagg,

“In an Easter peace wish, Pope Francis on Sunday praised the framework nuclear agreement with Iran as an opportunity to make the world safer, while expressing deep worry about bloodshed in Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.”

Decrying the plentitude of weapons in the world, Francis said: “And we ask for peace for this world subjected to arms dealers, who earn their living with the blood of men and women.” (AZ Daily Star April 16, 1015)

If you choose to be real, you gotta admit the Tucson economy is based first and foremost on war, missiles and preparation for war.

The three major employers are Raytheon, Davis Montain Air Force Base, and the University of Arizona, who like most large universities educates bomb makers and does research for the government and other bomb making enterprises.

A recent article by David Querio in Biz Tucson said, “Raytheon, the world’s largest missile manufacturer, builds missiles for just about everybody except rogue nations. The Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines bear missiles from Tucson as do militaries of 40 countries. Any time you hear about Tomahawk, Sidewinder or Stinger missiles, they were designed and manufactured in Tucson by Raytheon. Since 1954 the company has produced and delivered more than one million missiles.”

Does the Holy Father really mean what he says? Do not we in Tucson collectively earn our livings with the blood of men and women?




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