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You can take real action NOW!
Update on the People’s Bailout

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the HEROES Act; a sweeping, three-trillion dollar proposal that addresses many of the issues called for in the People’s Bailout. However, senators are saying the bill will be “dead upon arrival” when it comes before the Senate. We CANNOT let this bill for the people be crushed. Act now! Use the links below to send a simple message to Senator McSally and Senator Sinema. All you have to say is:  “I am a constituent and I urge you to Please vote YES! on the HEROES Act!”

You can also call the senators and deliver the same message:  “I am a constituent and I urge you to Please vote YES! on the HEROES Act!”  885-912-2982
Please take this easily accomplished yet significant step toward helping the millions of real people adversely affected by Covid-19.
Do it right now!


The coronavirus has had a worldwide impact like nothing we have ever seen. However, it has also created an unprecedented opportunity for positive change, if we take action now. Decisions are being made in Washington, D.C. that will determine the course of our society for decades to come. YOU can have a direct influence on those decisions.

As the U.S. government puts together another “stimulus” package, there is a strong grassroots movement rising to demand a just and equitable package focused on the people, not just corporations. Seven congressional Democrats have joined with over five-hundred groups nationwide to let federal lawmakers know we want a People’s Bailout that prioritizes public health and economic relief for workers over corporate profits.

The proposed People’s Bailout is based on these five principles:

  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions –

Free and widely available testing, treatment and protective equipment, paid sick leave and expanded federal funding for Medicaid.

These and other health protections cover all people, including low-wage earners, family farmers, black and Latinx communities, undocumented immigrants, indigenous peoples, the incarcerated and the homeless.

  1. Provide economic relief directly to the people –

Broaden unemployment insurance, increase food aid programs, extend housing assistance, halt evictions and foreclosures.

  1. Aid for rescue workers and communities –

Financial aid directed at specific industries must be channeled to workers, not shareholders or corporate executives.

  1. Make a down payment on an environmentally friendly, sustainable economy and infrastructure.

In addition to short-term emergency action, a large long-term plan must be put into place. By focusing on combating the climate crisis and the unfairness built into our economic system we can create millions of good, family-sustaining jobs with high labor standards. This long-term package must include and invest in working families, communities of color and indigenous communities.

  1. Protect our democratic process while we protect our health –

Ensure the Covid19 crisis does not prevent people from being able to exercise their right to vote by expanding vote by mail, online or automatic registration, extending voting deadlines and increasing early voting days.

This grassroots movement for a People’s Bailout is happening right now. The demand of the people is taking hold. This week, the House of Representatives passed a stimulus package directed at helping people and small businesses. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said “There will be a big, broad COVID 4. For anyone who thinks this is the last train out of the station, that is not close to the case.” So now is the time to act; Congress is debating these issues even as we speak. You can take real action to impact the course of our society toward a people-oriented, environment-oriented national community rooted in justice. In this critical situation, your voice can truly matter. Go to for detailed information and an immediate, easy-to-use link to send a letter to your senators and representative. Use your voice and make it heard!

“When we are united, we are powerful. Let’s come together – black, brown, white, native and newcomer, from big cities and family farms, and demand a People’s Bailout.”

“We cannot wait any longer to deal with the structural causes of poverty, in order to heal our society from an illness that can only lead to new crises.” -Pope Francis

Submitted by Dennis Shannon, volunteer, Casa Maria

Dennis has been interested in social justice for decades

and has been a volunteer at Casa Maria Tucson for over fifteen years.


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