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Sign the letter and Show up at the City Council Offices!

Thanks be to God, the Pima Area Labor Federation (PALF) and Jobs with Justice (J w J) have jumped on board and energized the Barrio Neighborhood Coalition’s campaign to get the cities of Tucson and South Tucson to declare a Moratorium on GPLETs!

ON September 9, the Tucson Mayor and Council will decide whether to expand or terminate their Central Business District (CBD) which is the area in which the City is currently able to give out GPLETs to wealthy developers. WE NEED YOU TO SIGN ON TO OUR OPEN LETTER TO MAYOR AND COUNCILS.

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We are excited to share these communiques from Trish Muir (PALF) and Steve Valencia (J w J)

Hello JwJ activists, friends, neighbors,

The GPLET is a program that is controlled by the city that gives our tax money to developers that can declare a neighborhood blighted, bull doze the area and build to suit the rich. We can STOP this tax giveaway with a vote by our local government. Gentrification has a sad and traumatic history of destroying old established neighborhoods with deep family ties. Come out and voice your opposition to the GPLET program! Open the attachment for protest schedule.

-Steve Valencia

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for giving of your time, energy, and talent in effort to save our community! Remember if you can’t make it to all of the events, no one expects you to. Please make an effort to rally as many people to attend as possible for the events in your Ward, on Tuesday for Ward 5, and again on the final day 9/9 when we address M & C directly. I will be present all 7 days start to finish. So never worry that you won’t know someone or if sending a friend new to the movement that they wouldn’t feel welcomed. One big family in the labor movement!

In Solidarity, Trish Muir


Action Schedule:

GPLET & CBD ACTION PLAN Feel free to make signs with slogans like, “Mi Barrio No Se Vende!” or “End Corporate Welfare”, or “Gentrification Destroys Neighborhoods”. The bigger the better. Masks and social distancing are required. We will provide cold water and hand sanitizer. Please remember to stay on the sidewalks, out of the street and off private property. An injury to one, is an injury to all.

In Solidarity, PALF

  • Thursday 9/3 8AM – 9:30AM Ward Three – Paul Durham 1510 E. Grant Road 4 blocks west of Grant & Campbell on Grant, South side of the street.
  • Friday 9/4 8AM – 9:30AM Ward Four – Nikki Lee 8123 E. Poinciana North of Irvington and Pantano on Pantano.
  • Saturday 9/5 8AM – 9:30AM Ward Two -Paul Cunningham 7575 East Speedway Speedway west of Pantano.
  • Sunday 9/6 8AM – 9:30AM Ward One – Lane Santa Cruz 940 W. Alameda Street on Grande one block north of Congress
  • Monday 9/7 8AM – 9:30AM Ward 6 – Steve Kozachik 3202 E 1st St Speedway one block east of Country Club
  • Tuesday 9/8 8AM – 9:30AM Ward 5 – Richard Fimbres 4300 S Park Ave One block south of Ajo on Park, west side of street.
  • Wednesday 9/9 8AM – 9:30AM City Hall M&C Vote Viente de Agosto Park Church & Congress


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