Voces de Casa Maria

Pancho Medina Honors a Nacozari Hero

2 min read by Kassandra Manriquez Maquina 501 is a corrido that jogs Pancho Medina’s memory of his father and is the inspiration behind his Dia de los Muertos altar. Pancho Medina is the Minister of Culture at Casa Maria as well as a local artist and activist. Over a century ago, Jesus Garcia, a railroad brakeman was killed near the village of Nacozari, Sonora as he saved the village from a train loaded with dynamite that caught fire. Without Garcia, the fatalities in the village would have been numerous. In his honor, the song Maquina 501 is sung. Jesus Garcia was a

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Money Grubbers

2 min read by Brian Flagg The UA basketball team is ranked as high as 5th in the pre-season polls. The first game is on Friday, November 8 against Cal Poly. And neither I nor most of my friends nor many of the poor and working people in Tucson will watch or be able to afford to watch. It will be available only on PAC 12 TV. Regular cable won’t do it. In fact a poor guy like me might get only about a third of the games this year on TV. That is because thanks to the UA and the PAC 12,

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