Voces de Casa Maria

Casa Maria Thanksgiving Benefit Concert

< 1 min read Hola companeros de Casa Maria! This Friday, Nov.22 we will be celebrating our annual CASA MARIA THANKSGIVING BENEFIT at CLUB CONGRESS!!! Come celebrate with Brian Flagg and all the volunteers and friends of Casa Maria this day of Gracias! The admission will be $5.00 or free if you are friends of Casa Maria and have a flier or handbill to give us at the door. The doors open at 8pm. To start the show starts at : 8:30 with THE SAND RUBIES(Rich “Vato Loco” Hopkins from the Luminarios) will be on the electic guitar ready and willing to shred!! 9:30…Brian

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Rasquacho Art

2 min read by Kassandra Manriquez Pancho Medina, the Minister of Culture at Casa Maria calls his art gallery, The Rasquacho Gallery. The gallery is built into his home alongside many of his art pieces displayed from room to room. Rasquacho is a term often used to describe somebody who is low-class, poor, disrespectful or dirty. An example of this might be someone who repaints his or her car using a bottle of spray paint. The term rasquacho is versatile; it can be used as an adjective, verb or noun. It can even be exaggerated; rasquachon (big rasquacho). “It means a way of

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