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Rise Up With Bus Riders

< 1 min read Tucson Bus Riders Union members have been picketing Ward Offices this week to remind our City Council to not raise bus fares on Tuesday, September 20. Join us and Rev. Glen Davis and parishioners from South Highland Church at Council Member Fimbres’ office on Monday, September 19 from 4:30-5:30pm at 4300 S Park Ave. If you can’t make it you can help by making calls to the City Council. Tell them not to raise the bus fares. 791-4201 Mayor Rothschild 791-4040 Regina Romero 791-4687 Paul Cunningham 791-4711  Karin Uhlich 791-3199  Shirley Scott 791-4231  Richard Fimbres 791-4601 Steve Kozachik

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Message from a Bus Rider, V5

2 min read Our fifth video comes from Lisa. *Editor’s Note: Lisa’s message is especially important because it shows that Sun Tran has not effectively put the SunGo cards into peoples hands which they were supposed to do for free to help with the elimination of paper transfers. Lisa also mentions how she has to get to Ronstadt, using fare and time, to be able to put money on her card – this is correct and is a real problem. So the City, because they haven’t bothered to communicate effectively or put the cards and access to use them in the hands of bus riders,

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