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Gregg Garfin: Keep bus fares low to help riders, climate

3 min read Gregg Garfin, climatologist at the UA and member of the City’s Climate Change Committee, published a guest editorial in the Arizona Daily Star this morning. Gregg is a bus rider and advocates for affordable transit and incentives to encourage people to use mass transit. Here’s the full text: We know that global and regional temperatures are increasing as a consequence of human activities that add heat-trapping gases to the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases trap heat in the lower atmosphere, where we live, disrupt weather and climate episodes around the planet, and increase the chances that Tucson will experience heat waves of

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Message from a Bus Rider, V9

< 1 min read Our ninth video message comes from Adan. Tucson’s Mayor and Council will decide Tuesday, September 20 at 5:30 pm on whether to raise the bus fares. Come to the meeting at 255 West Alameda St. and speak at the call to the audience or submit a comment card. You can also call the City Council today. 791-4201 Mayor Rothschild 791-4040 Regina Romero 791-4687 Paul Cunningham 791-4711 Karin Uhlich 791-3199 Shirley Scott 791-4231 Richard Fimbres 791-4601 Steve Kozachik El noveno video es de Adan. Por favor mírelo, comparta el video y llame al Alcalde y al Consejo y pídales que no

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