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!!!ACTION ALERT!!! The People’s Bailout

3 min read !!!ACTION ALERT!!! You can take real action NOW! Update on the People’s Bailout The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the HEROES Act; a sweeping, three-trillion dollar proposal that addresses many of the issues called for in the People’s Bailout. However, senators are saying the bill will be “dead upon arrival” when it comes before the Senate. We CANNOT let this bill for the people be crushed. Act now! Use the links below to send a simple message to Senator McSally and Senator Sinema. All you have to say is:  “I am a constituent and I urge you to Please

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Corona Virus and the Dangers of Ecofacism

2 min read By Citlali Ramirez The Coronavirus outbreak has exposed many flaws not only in our governmental and economic structures, but also in our societal structures and the way in which people interact with and react to the world. I have recently seen posts and tweets circulating social media claiming that the minor but noticeable improvements in the environment as evidence that “we are the virus”. This is an ecofscist narrative that perpetuates a toxic environmentalist perspective, minimizing the value of human lives for the sake of protecting the Earth’s ecosystems. This ideology is not new and historically comes hand in hand

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We’ve Gotta Know The Issues, Stay WOKE!

3 min read The COVID-19 Pandemic has been extremely hard for me to deal with. I struggle with depression and anxiety, being locked up in my home alone is where I sometimes want to be, but it’s not the healthiest place for me. This pandemic also hits home because my mom has respiratory issues and a weak immune system, so I really worry about her health and ability to access quality medical care if she does get sick. What I struggle with most is the complacency and apathy of many of my fellow Americans. I know this is a scary situation, but there

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Memo to the Pima County Board of Supervisors: 

2 min read ON AUGUST 6 VOTE NO ON THE INTERGOVERNMENTAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN PIMA COUNTY AND THE CITY OF SOUTH TUCSON. VOTE NO ON THE GENTRIFICATION OF SOUTH TUCSON. On May 28, the South Tucson City Council promised a complete public process on enacting a GPLET zone in South Tucson. This would enable developers to pay no property taxes on new developments for 8 years and pay reduced property taxes for 17 years after that. 3 weeks later, on June 24, the South Tucson Council, prodded by Benny Young from Pima County’s Economic Development Department, voted unanimously with 1 abstention, to move forward

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Lonnie’s Memorial Mass

< 1 min read Thanks everybody for coming to Lonnie’s service. This is some words from Lonnie’s mom. ‘Thank you for everything today. The service was beautiful and perfect for Lonnie’.                                                                        Faye Collier                                                                          

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< 1 min read   Memorial Mass for Lonnie Reiger on Monday, April 15 at Casa Maria at 10:00 am with Fr. Jose Luis Ferroni OCD.   Our sincere condolences to his family, friends, and co-workers. Lonnie worked and lived at Casa Maria for more than 30 year, He was a hard worker and a great friend.   Misa en Memoria de Lonnie Reiger el Lunes 15 de Abril en Casa Maria a las 10:00 am, con P. José Luis Ferroni OCD. Nuestras mas sinceras condolencias a sus familiares, amigos y compañeros de trabajo. Lonnie vivió y trabajo en Casa Maria por más de 30

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< 1 min read It’s going to be outside so dress warmly. If you don’t have $5.00 come anyway, tell them you are from Casa Maria and they will let you in. ACOMPAÑENOS AL CLUB CONGRESS, EVENTO GRATIS SI DICES QUE ERES DE CASA MARIA Concierto donde grupos locales van a cantar canciones de Los Beatles. ¡Ven a disfrutar con Casa Maria!

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