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3 min read We at Casa Maria, along with others, are seriously contemplating undertaking a campaign to defend our schools that would look like this: To: The Plaintiffs (especially Sylvia Campoy) and the lawyers (MALDEF and Ruben Salter) END THE DESEGREGATION LAWSUIT NOW! The federal judge says that Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) needs to comply with the de-segregation lawsuit. So last spring TUSD came forth with a plan that evaluated the progress made in regards to the integration of their magnet schools. The plan said that Ochoa and Robison Elementary, Utterback Middle, and Pueblo High have received “elimination warnings”, giving them one

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2 min read Dean Brackley   by Brian Flagg, Some people might like to think that a 30 day silent retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius might have a pacifying effect on me. Not so! That is because I read Dean Brackley’s book on the Exercises and learned about FALSE HUMILITY and MAGNANIMITY! I feel that doing the Spiritual Exercises gave me the tools to become a much more conscious hombre. This consciousness is based in knowing the God who created me and came to earth in human form in a much more profound and personal way. And so, that

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2 min read by Cesar Aguirre It is just after 9pm, the girls are finally settled in bed and my eyes are heavy from a long day. I know I should have gone to the board meeting but after cleaning, finishing the laundry and cooking dinner, the last thing I want to do is drag my girls to a board meeting. Once there I would have to deal with their moaning and complaining about how boring it is and then carry one while dragging the other to the car afterwards, getting home way past their bedtime. I yawn deep and long as I

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Thoughts of a TBRU Supporter

2 min read This piece was sent in by a friend and supporter of the Bus Riders Union. Thanks for your thoughts M! By M. The City of Tucson has been irresponsible throughout the entire Streetcar project. Initial negotiations regarding the Streetcar included major contributions from the University of Arizona, yet when the UofA changed their mind the City plowed on with little regard for the impact the streetcar would have on the budget or the community. The primary purpose of the Streetcar, which has a price tag of over $190 million, will be to take intoxicated college students from bar to bar

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“To pay these three men an enormous amount of money just to stay at the University for the next few years is unconscionable”

2 min read by Andy Silverman, I read with great interest recently about a University of Arizona donor who gave $17.68 million in stock to be distributed to the basketball and football coaches and to the athletic director if they stay at UA through 2021-22. It would mean that Coaches Sean Miller and Rich Rodriguez would each get $6.2 million worth of stock under present value and Athletic Director Greg Byrne would get $3.5 million. I recognize that a donor can direct how his or her contribution is used. Of course, the University is not obligated to accept any donation if they feel

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Mexicana author Anabel Hernandez has a new book, Narcoland.

3 min read by Brian Flagg, She said in this interview from The Nation magazine (11-11-2013) that she writes because if she can help the people to understand what is really happening, then they can change things. Life at Casa Maria, in South Tucson and throughout the Southside is all about the roots and culture of Mexico, the Mother land. May we all read more, become more conscious, and fight to change the present injustice and oppression. To read the interview go to: ________________________________ por Brian Flagg, La escritora Mexicana, Anabel Hernández tiene un nuevo libro, Los Señores del Narco. Ella nos

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< 1 min read by Brian Flagg, Thanks to Councilman Kozachik, Darren DaRonco and The Daily Star for telling the truth and giving some perspective on what have been budget priorities for the City of Tucson. (Top police, fire officials cash in on sick leave, Sunday April 6, 2014) This story was about how the City spent nearly $5 million buying back unused sick days from some of the highest paid police officers and firefighters the past two years – and spent another $2 million in what the city attorney now says were illegal pension contributions for those un-worked days. If you missed the

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If you didn’t see it check out Gretchen Nielsen’s editorial piece on today’s Arizona Daily Star

< 1 min read Gretchen and her boyfriend Dr. Dalton McClelland, the retired Doctor of the People, have been donors and supporters of Casa Maria for many years. They are both veterans of the struggle for Justice and Peace in Tucson, and members of the Tucson Bus Riders Union. To get to her article go to:

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Grijalva Kicks off Re-election Campaign

2 min read by Brian Flagg, Last night I walked next door to the El Casino Ballroom and had the pleasure of hanging out with the Congressman for a few minutes outside while he had a smoke. We joked with each other and then Ruben Reyes came and attached a microphone to him and sent him inside to address a packed house. Looking back, I wished I would have used those minutes to tell him how appreciative I am of him for never selling out poor people the whole time he was a local politician, even at times when it was uncomfortable for

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2 min read by Ian Merrill, Ian Merrill is a University of Arizona student from Phoenix, majoring in Economics and Chinese! He attends the Catholic Newman Center and is a member of the Tucson Bus Riders Union. I was asked recently how working with the Tucson Bus Riders Union relates to my Catholic faith. At first, I was not entirely sure. Of course, if you asked almost anyone on any street corner, they would likely immediately tell you that Jesus supported broad, feel-good concepts such as justice and equality. When it comes to the concrete application of those concepts, however, the answer is

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