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FOR JOHN C. SCOTT: on if I was King…

2 min read By Brian Flagg, I read this great article in America magazine by the auxiliary bishop of San Francisco, Robert W. McElroy, entitled “Market Assumptions: Pope Francis’ challenge to income inequality” (Nov 3, 2014). This past April, Pope Francis told over 10 million online followers, in nine different languages, “Inequality is the root of social evil.” And what he tweeted in just seven words, he had elaborated on at length five months earlier in ‘The Joy of The Gospel’ (No.202): The need to resolve the structural causes of poverty cannot be delayed… As long as the problems of the poor are

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< 1 min read by Brian Flagg, I agree with Eugene Robinsons’ brilliant column in Friday’s Daily Star “MLK’s call for economic justice rings true today as well.” Also today’s piece in the Star by Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez “All labor has dignity: Remembering icon’s vision of worth” is really right-on. By the time the brother was assassinated, he was onto seeing civil rights in the larger context of economic justice. And he didn’t just see. He preached, he proclaimed and he acted in solidarity with workers, he organized!!! and he came out against the Vietnam War. He was a true prophet

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< 1 min read This article puts Ferguson and racial tension in America 2015 in its appropriate context? Know your history! This was taken from the editorial page of the Arizona Daily Star (Saturday, Dec. 27, 2014) Anne Farrow is the author of “The Logbooks: Connecticut’s Slave Ships and Human Memory” and co-author of “Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery.”

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The impact of trade and immigration

< 1 min read by Brian Flagg, My feeling is that Arizona Daily Star syndicated columnist Esther Cepeda is almost never progressive, helpful or big picture oriented. However, on Friday, December 12 the feast day of La Virgen de Guadalupe, La Reina de las Americas, she laid out the truth about the root cause of immigration (NAFTA, CAFTA and the proposed TPP trade pact). We at Casa Maria feel that NAFTA etc is the most important thing to know about immigration. And it seems like the thing least talked about in the debate on immigration. Check it out:

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2 min read by Cesar Aguirre On the second page of today’s Daily Star (12/2/14) the headline reads, “State reviewing TUSD on Mexican American Studies”. This is because Augustine Romero was baited into an argument over whether or not Mexican American Studies had returned to TUSD in the form of a federally required Culturally Relevant Curriculum (CRC) that is being implemented because of a 40 year old desegregation lawsuit. Augustine Romero is the new principal at Pueblo High school and from where we sit, on the south side of Tucson, we see a man who is passionate about educational justice, who fights for

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Why is Mayor Rothschild so intent on persecuting BUS RIDERS?

3 min read by Brian Flagg, At yesterday’s Council meeting Mayor Rothschild could have realized that, once again, he had only one other vote for raising fares. He could have accepted the recommendation of Councilwoman Karin Uhlich and his own Transit Task Force to not raise fares, but instead embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to increase ridership, which would raise more revenues for the bus system. But he just could not do it. So, we all have to go back to the next Council meeting on December 9th to fight this battle one more time. The Mayor never misses a chance to

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The CANARY in the COAL Mine (with thanks to Tony Davis)

< 1 min read by Brian Flagg, Is this the most important story the Arizona Daily Star has published in recent years? (As wells dry up on the outskirts, hauling water becomes norm, by Tony Davis, 10/26/14) Could it be that Tony Davis is a prophet and at least in this one case The Star allowed him to write the truth about the lack of water in our beautiful but ever more populated Sonoran desert? Tony explained that “Wells are drying up all around the fringes of Tucson – the Tortolita foothills on the north, the Santa Rita Mountain foothills on the south, the

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Vote YES on PROP. 415!

4 min read The homeless, the familias of our barrios and Casa Maria… We are all dog and cat lovers! Thanks to our good buddy and fellow South Tucsonan Dan Eckstrom for his guidance on this matter. In addition to doing the right thing for our 4 legged friends, this bond measure is important because its’ success paves the way for next year’s bond election. The 2015 bond election could provide much needed funds for such things as affordable housing, neighborhood reinvestment projects, open space, job training and improvements to local parks. We feel so strongly about this that we shelled out some

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Still serving after all these years!

3 min read Siovhan Sheridan has a degree in Theology from Harvard University and is an immigration lawyer with the Claudia Arevalo Law Firm. She is going to lead one of the discussions at Casa Maria on “The Joy of the Gospel” by Pope Francis! Come join us! Still serving after all these years! by Siovhan Sheridan, I first came to Casa Maria when I was a teenager in high school. I was going to Salpointe Catholic High School, and I believe that I learned about Casa Maria through a volunteer project. I kept coming, because something called me to the service. I

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