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< 1 min read We Thank God for Councilwoman Karin Uhlich, Regina Romero, Paul Cunningham, Richard Fimbres and Shirley Scott for standing tall in the face of opposition to bus riders living in poverty, our award winning bus system and the planet earth for a true Transit constituency, the Tucson Bus Riders Union. Special thanks to Karen for explaining to the Mayor that sticking up for transit is not enslavement to the status quo and that the days of trying to use Transit as a whipping boy in regards to City budget problems must end.

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2 min read Attend the City Council Meeting Tuesday Dec 9th at 2:00pm at City Hall 255 W. Alameda The Issue: Route Cuts and Fare Increases   SUPPORT BUS RIDERS – SUPPORT PLANET EARTH by Brian Flagg, The all Democratic City Council needs to follow the recommendations of their own Transit Task Force. For the sake of bus riders, many whom live in poverty, and the environment, they need to take a long term approach to the health of our transit system. The Task Force is taking the lead of Councilwoman Karen Uhlich in advising them to do nothing in the short term

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Thanks to the Council; Sent to the Daily Star

< 1 min read I give thanks that in Tucson we have five City Council members (Uhlich, Romero, Fimbres, Cunningham and Scott) who for years have demonstrated compassion for bus riders by consistently voting to not raise fares, cut routes or otherwise harm a very good transit system. Brian Flagg (520) 624-0312  

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Why is Mayor Rothschild so intent on persecuting BUS RIDERS?

3 min read by Brian Flagg, At yesterday’s Council meeting Mayor Rothschild could have realized that, once again, he had only one other vote for raising fares. He could have accepted the recommendation of Councilwoman Karin Uhlich and his own Transit Task Force to not raise fares, but instead embark on an aggressive marketing campaign to increase ridership, which would raise more revenues for the bus system. But he just could not do it. So, we all have to go back to the next Council meeting on December 9th to fight this battle one more time. The Mayor never misses a chance to

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Thoughts of a TBRU Supporter

2 min read This piece was sent in by a friend and supporter of the Bus Riders Union. Thanks for your thoughts M! By M. The City of Tucson has been irresponsible throughout the entire Streetcar project. Initial negotiations regarding the Streetcar included major contributions from the University of Arizona, yet when the UofA changed their mind the City plowed on with little regard for the impact the streetcar would have on the budget or the community. The primary purpose of the Streetcar, which has a price tag of over $190 million, will be to take intoxicated college students from bar to bar

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One more step towards Justice for Bus Riders

5 min read “NOW IS NOT THE TIME”..Paul Cunningham by Jimmy Ojeda, On Monday May 12th in a room packed with bus riders, the Transit Task Force voted 5-2 to recommend to the Mayor and Council that there be no service cuts to Sun-Tran at this time. Councilwoman Uhlich had suggested to the Bus Riders Union that this was the preferred mode of informing the City Manager and the City Council to not balance their budget on the backs of bus riders, in this, the eight poorest city in the U.S. The bus riders echoed the theme of Councilman Cunningham “Now is not

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The Holy Father on Trickle-Down Economics!

2 min read Brian is the one in the middle, Msgr. Cahalane is to the left, and Msgr. O’Keefe is on the right   by Brian Flagg, Yesterday I had the privilege of being on hate radio, KNST, the early morning show hosted by Garret. Later on in the day they give you Rush Limbaugh. I really mean this because it was an opportunity to speak not to the choir! Like you would expect, I was talking about federal regulation that grew out of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that protect low income and minority bus riders from being discriminated against when

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